Expert Witness Reporting

Provision of initial reports on potential High Court cases that relate to treasury and risk-related issues. Drafting of expert witness reports for submission to the Court, drafting of joint expert witness statements and attendance at mediation and Court sittings as required. 

Case Study

The Story

Case involving the misselling of interest rate derivatives. Met client to discuss backdrop to the case and to establish the core facts. Care needs to be taken here between what may or may be fair and what is or is not contractually committed/agreed terms.

Work Done

Having established what the plaintiff case was and my initial high level opinion about what could and couldn’t be reported on, an initial report was drafted for consideration by the client and their counsel.

This was refined somewhat over time as there were other expert witnesses on other related aspects to the case. Having finalised the report and reviewed the expert report on the same topic for the other side, a meeting was held between the two expert witnesses as a means of identifying the agreed points thereby aiding the judge to concentrate on the points which were still the subject of different views.

Project Output

This report signed by both expert witnesses was then forwarded to both parties for consideration by the Court. The case was settled prior to completion.

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